Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 367

Anyone see a keyhole there?

It’s been a long time since i post something here. Then again, my mother turned me into some kind of a butler these past few days. Starting from doing dishes, then laundries, house cleaning, and finally ironing clothes. The reason is because these past few days i had nothing else to do since i’m on vacation and i’m still to young to get my own driver license so i’m stuck at home. I swear, if it wasn’t because they aired Friends on Warner TV i would die of boredom here. Now i’m just complaining, so let’s talk about the review

Thank you for the vote of confidence..

So now we’re back to violet mansion where Tama and the ghost priest found something unusual about the small room they now reside in. Hayate, being used to all of the nonsense that came out from the said ghost just dismissed it as something unimportant. That is, until our priest begs for Hayate to listen to him.

I’ll call Isumi..

At first the priest said the room is too small. Hayate thought that he was just complaining but then he compared it with the shared bathroom on the floor below and it’s very clear that the room is much smaller. Alice (A-tan) explained that it was because there’s something sealed inside the wall and the barrier that protects it is making the room smaller that it actually was. What’s inside the wall? Even she didn’t know about it. Hayate suggested they broke the barrier but there’s a high chance that a booby trap was placed to prevent anyone from getting the ‘thing’.

On the other hand, Hinagiku studied in her room when the thoughts about what Ayumu said get in her head. Now according to her perspective, Ruka didn’t seem like she had any feelings for Hayate but based on her personal experience about the said butler there’s a higher chance that she is wrong.

Meat is good for your body, it makes you grow.. in certain areas..

And speak of the devil, the famous idol makes her own way into our president’s room to ask about her manga. Hinagiku, realizing her chance, asked Ruka whether she like Hayate or not. And like in all shonen manga, our hero always gets the ladies.

Curse you indebted butler!

While the mansion is full of new discoveries. Outside, there’s a certain character who targets Ruka this time and it was none other that Houzen Yozora. She said something about looking for the new ‘candidates’ because apparently, the old candidates which is Hayate and Athena can no longer open the path.

10 years? I thought Hayate was 6 when he entered Royal garden?

Now here’s where i start asking myself, by path i assume it’s the path to Royal garden. And she said that Mikado once ‘chose’ Hayate and Athena as the ones to open up the path, but then Hayate doesn’t know anything about Royal garden, and the three people who searched for the power of god were Mikado, Athena, and Himegami but we haven’t heard anything about the infamous banana loving character (unless in the anime version).

But the big Q is.. Why Hayate? Why must Mikado chose him? Is it because of his abilities? But before he got tangled up in the whole Royal garden mess he’s just your ordinary kindergarten kid, not to mention his body is much weaker back then. Also, when he started working for Nagi and met Mikado again, he gives Hayate he king jewel for the second time. Those that mean Mikado knew that Ikusa has one? But Athena never said anything about Ikusa when the two of them looked for the path to Royal garden which is already sealed, and she also said that someone (Nagi’s mother Yukyyun) entered the castle and took the power already.

Can’t believe he planned all of this..

So that’s what i think of this chapter, and as i said that these were all just assumptions. But then, if Mikado back then looked for two candidates then there’s a big possibility that there’s someone else beside Ruka that Houzen is looking for. Let’s just see how the next chapter turns out, until next time!


Medaka box chapter 151


I found myself a new fetish

I’m on fire today, I’m in the mood for reviewing today and my 2 favorite series also happens to have their newest chapters out. So anyway, Kumagawa finally showed up and with a VERY interesting color page i might add. Naze agreed to do the ‘Hand bra-jeans’ as long as Kumagawa help them and so he did. Then they asked him why is he still here since the Jet black wedding festival already moved out from its location, but he only answered-


Kinda cheesy don’t you think?

Nienami and Kanaino tried to warn Mogura about Kumagawa since he seems different from the rest of the gang, but Mogura got big-headed and ignored them since they’re apparently a ‘loser’. Kumagawa got his left hand blown off on the first attack, well seeing that he has ‘All-fiction’ i guess it’s fine to be reckless. Then again, it’s not my arm so i shouldn’t complaint.. Kumagawa, being the minus he is started spouting off nonsense about them based on gag manga and there shouldn’t be a hand-blowing stuff or something like that.


To hell with the 4th wall!!

Now Nishio-sensei likes to mess with our heads by making something that’s either complicated or just makes no sense. For examples, we’ve met with Unzen’s sister, Unzen Myouga who speaks by using numbers or ‘math language’ or so they said. I’ve actually seen a translator note that says translating those chapters is hard as hell. There’s also Kumagawa who likes to talk about something that’s unrelated to the case but somehow makes sense. Like when he met Medaka on the underground facility and says that he’s not Kumagawa Misogi but his younger twin brother Kumagawa Yuuki and then said it himself that he lied. Or when he said that he’s not at fault when it’s clear that he’s the one who stabs the plus 6 and the loser team, it’s just that crazy.

So now we have the ‘language user’ Nienami who uses 7 sword style by stabbing 3 swords in each hand to use them, Kanaino who can manipulate kanji so that it would have different meaning, and now Mogura who can convert words.


‘Simply’ indeed

After that, Kumagawa was beaten senseless and it turns out he lets himself to be beaten so that Emukae can finally hear a reply from Zenkichi about her feelings. Zenkichi, not wanting to waste Kumagawa and Emukae’s effort, decided to stab himself with a sword for being oblivious to Emukae’s feelings.

After rejecting her because he will always in love with Medaka, Emukae said her thanks for letting her fall in love with him. Kanaino sighs and says that this isn’t some love-comedy crap but Nienami cries instead. Mogura laugh it off and Kumagawa just said that he hoped that Emukae will fal for him after Zenkichi rejects her but once again, he just couldn’t win (his favorite phrase). Mogura then charged at him for being in such an unclear relationship while Kumagawa replied that he might have gone soft after all that happened, which resulted in him caring for his juniors and friends making him use the ‘book maker’ on her.


Nice play on words Kumagawa..

So this chapter is basically how Mogura is defeated, and probably the return of Kumagawa too after a long time. Now if only Naze would keep her promise on the next chapter..

Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 366

ImageWell i don’t know about you guys but i had a LOT of rest these past few days. Instead of rest, you might call it a boredom. I had nothing to do until i got my report card back, and I’m not exactly a soccer fan so EURO doesn’t help very much, instead it brings annoyance to me when i tried to sleep (I’m talking about you neighbor-san). But enough of that, now I’m going to do my first review of my favorite anime/manga which is Hayate no Gotoku! To tell you the truth, the first time i saw it on animax, i just dismissed it as ‘Another perverted/ecchi anime that will just bore me’ but i was wrong. This show is HILARIOUS! Anyway, let’s move on to the reviews..


Why so depressed?

The story right now kinda focused on Ruka. After we dealt with Ayumu being the new tenant, now the problem is whether Ruka will continue being an idol or as mangaka. You know, that just doesn’t make any sense to me. I mean, Ruka is your typical good girl and being an idol is her parents’ dream so there’s no way she’ll quit being an idol given that she doesn’t want to let them down. I understand that there’s no way she could be both, since being a mangaka is already a suicide (those deadlines bro..) but then, if her job as an idol is ruined how will she repay her parents’ debt? I mean sure mangaka is paid a lot of money but for newcomers such as her. That amount is too much.


Enter Kayura

Now, Kayura probably didn’t mean it like that. But it’s explained that her parents dreams of becoming mangakas weren’t fulfilled which makes her annoyed when hearing Ruka decided to become mangaka like it was an easy job.

Ruka of course offended by Kayura since she spent her childhood learning how to become an idol and how her parents failed to become ones. But Kayura said she didn’t want to hear it from Ruka because she abandon her job and has no right to say that.

Meanwhile, our favorite butler went to Ruka’s apartment to get her luggage since she ran away from home and didn’t have enough time to pack. But the  way to the apartment is filled with security cameras so Hayate has to get past them Mission Impossible style.


Umm.. I don’t think you’re supposed to react like that..

Well, considering his past jobs there’s no wonder he’s capable of doing that. Thank god he grew up to be a good man, or else we might have our next Kaito kid here.. Anyway, when arriving at Ruka’s room Hayate met her manager. It turns out she already anticipated that Ruka will ran away so she already rearranged Ruka’s schedule so her career would be o-kay.. for 2 weeks that is.

Then Hayate uses the opportunity to ask the manager why she ban Ruka from fulfilling her dream. Then he finally found out that Ruka has a debt of 150 million yen that’s already been paid by her production manager, so she can’t back out as an idol yet. Weird thing is, when she told Hayate to give Ruka back, she cries..


Why the tears though?

My guess is that she’s probably one of Ruka’s relatives since on previous chapters she’s confused when hearing that Hayate (dressed as a maid at that time) is one of Ruka’s relatives. But that’s just a guess, and it’s probably wrong though.

On the other hand, the ghost priest sensed something off with the house. So he’s walking (floating?) around the house looking for it while accompanied with Tama. Well the house is already weird enough when i read that Athena can restore her power when staying on the ‘land’ or so she said. It probably had something to do with the photo of the 28th but once again that’s just a guess. Let find out on the next chapter shall we?

Soul eater not! Chapter 13


I guess even girls can get stuck in that kind of situation

My first review of Soul eater not! For most of you who read this (including me) might came across this piece of work because of it’s famous counterseries which is Soul eater. Speaking of which, i just recently bought the volume 16th out of the bookstore. The main reason i like this series is because of the art. Yes, Atsushi-sensei improvement in art is very fun to look at. I fact after i finished reading it, i compared the art with the volume 2 and i gotta say the work on Soul and Black star improved a LOT. But enough talking about that, let’s back to the topic.

After making peace with Liz and Patty on the previous chapter, this time Tsugumi, Anya, and Meme-chan got lost in shibusen (understandable, since it’s a very huge building) when they explore in it. Unfortunately, two of them had a different route opininon..

I sensed trouble

Tsugumi, being the nice girl she is can only be speechless. Anya gets tired of it and finally went to the direction that Meme chose. Only this is, they end up going to the underground prison and get lost even more..

What kind of house do you live in Anya?

It turns out the room was one of Shibusen’s 8 mysteries in which a dropout student with an explosive is tortured and executed in there. Anya, being skeptic, can only laugh at the idea when suddenly they hear some weird noises, when actually it’s only Justin with his obnoxiously loud earphones.

Creepy much?

They ran and finally end up in a library where they saw wanted posters of witches. Here’s where i got curious. According to the manga, it said that Medusa only has one sister which is Arachne. If so, then how come there’s a witch with the same last name as her? Is it just a coincidence? Or that they came from different parents?

She’s not exactly resembles Medusa

Surprisingly, they met two familiar faces there. Clay and Akane. Anya asked them what are they doing  there and Akane said that they carries a job from Sid-sensei. Although it looks like he’s lying from the looks of Clay’s expression, but i’m just not sure. After that they discussed about who will Tsugumi choose as her meister, considering a weapon with two meisters has never been heard of eventough the opposite has (ex: Kid and Harvar). So i guess this chapter tells us that sooner or later, Tsugumi eventually has to choose who her meister will be. But until then, let’s just enjoy their time together while they still can.

Do i sense a shipping here?

Hajimete no aku chapter 142


I still think Kusakabe looks a lot like Eiko

Unoriginal title is unoriginal. I might as well tell you that Hajimete no Aku is also one of the ongoing series that i follow. I first know about it from the Shonen Star magazine and i gotta say that once again, the combination of comedy and school life makes a refreshing reading material. On this chapter, we’ll be dealing with rivalry between Kyoko and Shizuka about Jiro. To tell you the truth, I’m a bit surprised about Kyoko on this chapter. Because apparently she didn’t deny that she has feelings for Jiro like on chapter 44.



Stalked by a girl is not always a good thing, sometimes they’re creepy.. Anyway, Kyoko was caught emm.. ‘rolling’ with Jiro’s cape on and Shizuka says that Kyoko finally shows her true colour, which i think means that Kyoko likes Jiro and surprisingly, she didn’t deny it. Kyoko tries to change the subject by asking what she’s doing here, and of course Shizuka confidently answers-


Honesty is supposed to make you look good, not the other way around

Instead of ashamed, Shizuka actually proud of what she’s doing. She even tries to prove it by asking Kyoko what Jiro’s favorite food is. For those who read the manga, and moreover those who live with him should’ve known that Jiro loves croquettes than any other foods. Kyoko even cooked once for him as a reward for saving an old lady on the street. But of course, our stalker hero of justice girl knows more that that. She didn’t stalk research him for nothing.


Frightening indeed

After then Kyoko asked her that her job with Jiro will clash one another, but Shizuka answers that the forbidden and secret relationship will make them more lovey-dovey. Kyoko got jealous and start arguing with Shizuka when suddenly, a robbery happened. Shizuka, as an ally of justice of course has to go and save the day. Kyoko thought that it would be dangerous to go alone, so she started panicking since 2.0-chan is at work and the only person who can help is her. Luckily, she still wears Jiro’s cape with her so at least she can provide some backup. So when Shizuka break into the bank, it turns out one of the robbers had a gun. And she’s trapped, luckily Kyoko is ready to rescue.


Why must the panty placed outside? Is that a standard heroes clothing?

So they fought with the robbers. It’s still weird though? How can she activates and uses the cape’s battle mode? When Jiro had to train like hell, even beat his own sister to master it? I guess Fujiki-sensei made a mistake? Anyway, one of the remaining robbers resort to taking hostages to avoid getting beaten. That worked, until he says taboo words to both of our heroines.


Suddenly I’m reminded of Minami from Baka to Test

Long story short, they managed to subdue the robber. Saved the hostage, and foil the robbery. So all’s well that ends well right? True enough, Kyoko and Shizuka finally makes a promise to fight fair and square in capturing Jiro’s heart. And speak of the devil, the said man arrives at the scene looking for them. And just when they thought that he was alone. They got more unexpected companies..


Jiro: “I came here with my b*tches”

Well, looks like this chapter tells us about Kyoko’s rivals in winning Jiro’s affection. Because let’s face it, Fujiki-sensei made Jiro into the kind of character that is stupidly dense about girls yet attract them to him. So basically it’s another romance-comedy-where-the-main-character-has-a-harem kind of manga, and that last page just kinda proves it (well to me anyway).

A first look at Medaka box

Image Image Image Image Image Image

Third post and yet I still have so much to share. I know that I’m already 11 episodes too late to review or talk about it, but better late than never right? So here we have the OP which is titled Happy Crazy Boxby Kuribayashi Minami. Personally i think the song title matches the anime itself, since it’s about a suggestion box and an insanely inhuman student council president. Anyway, that’s just me. Personally i think Gainax always goes for these kinds of anime, considering Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann also about some robot battles with occasional yet strong fanservice.

Image Image Image

So we start by Medaka giving her infamous speech about the center of this story, namely the suggestion box. It’s been said that the reason she won 98% votes from the school is mainly because of the said box. Anyhow, besides Medaka there’s also her childhood friend named Hitoyoshi Zenkichi with his friend Shiranui Hansode. Apparently, Zenkichi has had enough helping Medaka since they were little. Which makes him refuse it on the spot when Shiranui asked him if he wants to join the student council. But apparently, Medaka had a different idea..

Image Image Image Image Image Image

Turns out Medaka just want a company from Zenkichi, and seeing her face, how can he says no? Anyway, the suggestion box apparently already had a suggestion coming in. The request asks them to clear out some delinquents at the kendo dojo, and it’s from an anonymous source. Well, that won’t stop our lovely president won’t it? And so she goes!

Image Image Image

Here’s the funny thing, this Moji fellow actually looks like Kamina! Not only that, he also uses the same weapon as Kamina, and even has the same seiyuu! Well played Gainax, well played… Back to the story, after Medaka-chan beat some senses onto them. She started to clean the dojo so that people would start using it again. Not only that, the people who uses it are Kamina Moji and his group. I guess all’s well that ends well. Unfortunately, on his way home Zenkichi’s been attacked by some mysterious fellow who’s actually Hyuga! Zenkichi’s classmate and also the one who put the request in the suggestion box.

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Things escalated, but in the end Medaka manages to subdue Hyuga, thanks to Shiranui’s request. Shiranui is a strange fellow, she’s the kind of person that always jokes around but actually has a dark personality, eventhough around Zenkichi she decides to be the former i guess she’s just the ‘go-with-the-flow’ kind of girl. I like her though, she’s a great supporting character for both Medaka and Zenkichi, and Kato emiri’s voice just makes her more adorable ❤ Anyway, in the end, after hearing Medaka’s dreams about fulfilling the school with flower, Zenkichi decided to join the student council albeit from the lowest positions, but Medaka cheers him up on reaching for the top. Well, the ED (Ohanabatake ni Tsuretette) this time only serves as an insert song, so no ED sequence yet! So i guess this episode is great for the debut ones, the art is clean, and the seiyuus managed to capture their own personality perfectly. I honestly have high hopes for this anime, i hope it will be a huge successs 🙂

Next episode

Image Image  Image Image

Next we’ll have a case of blackmailing and a missing dog who evolves into a demon wolf, and poor Zenkichi must capture it because Medaka has err… ‘Issues’ with animals. Will he succeed? Stay tuned!

A look at my preferences

It’s only been a day and yet I’m already in the mood to write another post. Since i asked for recommendations last time, i figured i should’ve told you what kind of animes I’ve been watching. The first anime that makes me crazy about it so far would be Hayate no Gotoku (or Hayate the combat butler as you guys might prefer it, for me it’s just ridiculous). I’ve already finished watching the whole 2 season and the movie as well, which is titled ‘Heaven is a place on earth’.


Watching the 3 of them, i gotta say the art has improved greatly. Which makes me even more eager for season 3 😀 Besides that, the other animes I’ve been watching are ‘Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu’, ‘Megaman starforce’, and ‘Danshi koukousei no nichijou’. So i guess from that you can say I’m a hardcore comedy fan, although i won’t mind some romance and action to come with it.

Speaking of Heaven is a place on earth, i gotta say the story is refreshing after being peppered by 2 seasons of comedy (which sometimes is kinda cheesy) It’s nice to see Hayate in a mysterious situation. I mean, one of the reasons i can’t wait for season 3 is because of ‘The end of the world’ arc. Nevertheless, the comedy is also great in here, and Ruka also sang for the opening. How cool was that?!


Also, the main different i recognize in this movie, is that NAGI IS SO DAMN CUTE!! I admit, on the 1st season i really hate her guts, and since i watch it in english dubs the annoyance just increased tenfold. But not here my fellow reader, the drawings are so smooth i even almost let her took the 1st place on my ‘Favorite anime girls list’. That, plus the beauty that is Kugimiya rie’s voice makes the movie a whole lot better for the ears, especially when she went all ‘Hayate, Hayate, Hayate~’ i think the kawaii meter just broke..




But of course the main attraction isn’t just Nagi, there’s also Kayura. Which i believe is her first anime-fied debut in this movie. She’s also a great supporting character which is being shown as Nagi’s best friend because of their same interest in otaku-ness. Overall, i can say this movie is a success in capturing my attention. I don’t know about you guys, but i think you all might wanna check it out.




Anyway, right now I’m following the Medaka box series. I’ve actually been following it since the manga because of it’s art and story. At first it’s really fun you know, a story about Student council whom taking care of the students’ problems. My favorite is the missing dog, i laughed so hard when i read it and more when i saw the anime episode. But then, the story just got weirder 😦 Anyhow, right now there’s only 11 episode that just came out so for those of you who prefers to download and watch it when they have the whole season, might have to wait for a long time. Although i heard the 1st season won’t include Kumagawa, so it might not be that long..





Anyway, I’m still in for your recommendations. Don’t hesitate to tell me, cause i might like it like you do ;D