Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 367

Anyone see a keyhole there?

It’s been a long time since i post something here. Then again, my mother turned me into some kind of a butler these past few days. Starting from doing dishes, then laundries, house cleaning, and finally ironing clothes. The reason is because these past few days i had nothing else to do since i’m on vacation and i’m still to young to get my own driver license so i’m stuck at home. I swear, if it wasn’t because they aired Friends on Warner TV i would die of boredom here. Now i’m just complaining, so let’s talk about the review

Thank you for the vote of confidence..

So now we’re back to violet mansion where Tama and the ghost priest found something unusual about the small room they now reside in. Hayate, being used to all of the nonsense that came out from the said ghost just dismissed it as something unimportant. That is, until our priest begs for Hayate to listen to him.

I’ll call Isumi..

At first the priest said the room is too small. Hayate thought that he was just complaining but then he compared it with the shared bathroom on the floor below and it’s very clear that the room is much smaller. Alice (A-tan) explained that it was because there’s something sealed inside the wall and the barrier that protects it is making the room smaller that it actually was. What’s inside the wall? Even she didn’t know about it. Hayate suggested they broke the barrier but there’s a high chance that a booby trap was placed to prevent anyone from getting the ‘thing’.

On the other hand, Hinagiku studied in her room when the thoughts about what Ayumu said get in her head. Now according to her perspective, Ruka didn’t seem like she had any feelings for Hayate but based on her personal experience about the said butler there’s a higher chance that she is wrong.

Meat is good for your body, it makes you grow.. in certain areas..

And speak of the devil, the famous idol makes her own way into our president’s room to ask about her manga. Hinagiku, realizing her chance, asked Ruka whether she like Hayate or not. And like in all shonen manga, our hero always gets the ladies.

Curse you indebted butler!

While the mansion is full of new discoveries. Outside, there’s a certain character who targets Ruka this time and it was none other that Houzen Yozora. She said something about looking for the new ‘candidates’ because apparently, the old candidates which is Hayate and Athena can no longer open the path.

10 years? I thought Hayate was 6 when he entered Royal garden?

Now here’s where i start asking myself, by path i assume it’s the path to Royal garden. And she said that Mikado once ‘chose’ Hayate and Athena as the ones to open up the path, but then Hayate doesn’t know anything about Royal garden, and the three people who searched for the power of god were Mikado, Athena, and Himegami but we haven’t heard anything about the infamous banana loving character (unless in the anime version).

But the big Q is.. Why Hayate? Why must Mikado chose him? Is it because of his abilities? But before he got tangled up in the whole Royal garden mess he’s just your ordinary kindergarten kid, not to mention his body is much weaker back then. Also, when he started working for Nagi and met Mikado again, he gives Hayate he king jewel for the second time. Those that mean Mikado knew that Ikusa has one? But Athena never said anything about Ikusa when the two of them looked for the path to Royal garden which is already sealed, and she also said that someone (Nagi’s mother Yukyyun) entered the castle and took the power already.

Can’t believe he planned all of this..

So that’s what i think of this chapter, and as i said that these were all just assumptions. But then, if Mikado back then looked for two candidates then there’s a big possibility that there’s someone else beside Ruka that Houzen is looking for. Let’s just see how the next chapter turns out, until next time!


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