Soul Eater chapter 100: A 100th chapter anniversary


I know, i know. I haven’t updated this blog for god knows how long. The reason being that i started to try watching new anime directly that checking the manga first, and so far i have already completed about 12 series so you guys would know how busy i am right? Also now I’m a senior high school student. which means the workload will increase even more and so the study time for me, so if the updates gets slower each time then you know what I’ll be doing at that time.

As for the review, the chapter starts with a color page (a good one i might add) which you guys can see at the top of this post. Followed by the results of favorite character poll which was won by our favorite OCD-ridden shinigami. Being his everyday Kid it’s actually makes sense that he would cry over that title because he didn’t get 8th place, although the other characters probably would disregard him for that. Anyway, if you guys wanna see the results you can just read the chapter.

So it continues with Stein and the gang surrounded by enemies on the moon. This is because the other has already retreated in order to convince the witches to help them defeat Ashura. Meanwhile at the same time. Soul, Maka, Black Star, and Tsubaki are on their way to the moon to find Chrona (also to help Stein while they’re at it). But before they can reach their destination someone attacked them using laser beams. Thankfully Black Star was able to grab and return the lasers to their owner.

And you’re okay with a guy who can turn into scythe?

He’s becoming super saiyan!

After that they finally arrived on the moon and Black Star makes his flashy entrance as always and Maka refused to go down because the enemies are too many. Instead of fighting with the rest, Maka decide to hack the other laser-shooting moons by using Soul’s black blood arm-piano. After seizing control of the few moon beams Maka went down to join the fight and saving Stein while at it.

Back at shibusen, Shinigami-sama still having his doubts about the witches on whether they’ll cooperate or not. Seconds later, something smash through the wall whom Shinigami thought are the witches that betrayed them, only to find a sneezing Excalibur. Then he said that it would’ve been very helpful if the great Excalibur would come to help them and can only fall in silence when hearing Excalibur said the same about him.

Meanwhile, Kid, although currently witch-less, is also on his way back to the moon believing that if they showed the witches that Ashura is their enemy, they’ll eventually come and help them. All the crews and passengers on the ship agreed to this except Azusa, who thinks that the witches won’t help them because of the feud between shibusen and the witches is too big to overcome. Kid denies the idea, and Azusa says that Kid doesn’t understand this because he’s too young.. But Kid still stand on his beliefs and saying that the adult’s way of destroying their own by making a hopeless thought just doesn’t suit them, which is why he’s fine being called a ‘kid’ forever.

Am i sensing an Azusa route here?

And that conclude the review. Sorry for making you guys wait but i promise I’ll update sooner. I might bring my laptop to school and finishes it there as well, so no more excuses!! See you at the next post 🙂


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