Hayate no gotoku chapter 368: Season 3 news

Anyone wanna help this poor girl? i know i would

See? A quick update as i promised. Also i just realized that my last post (the Soul Eater one) didn’t have any reviews in it at all. I just simply retell the whole story in there, i feel stupid.. Anyway i won’t delete it, I’ll keep that as a reminder not to repeat the same mistake ever again.
So “What’s with the title?” you ask? Well this chapter color page also tells us about the new rumored season 3 of Hayate no gotoku. For a heads-up, this new season won’t have any connection to the previous season and it will serve as a new story (again). Well, seeing the art will probably be the same as the ones in the movie i say let’s give it a shot. Who know? maybe I’ll like it even more that the previous two.

The story starts with Ayumu finally managed to collect money to rent a room which of course makes her closer to her goal of being equal in Hayate’s eyes before the almighty student council, and now the famous and beautiful idol whom live under the same roof as he is. After that she met Ruka, who happens to ask Nagi about the bathroom and decided to make it clear where she stand to Ruka by shaking her hand and told her to refer to each other by using the first-name basis. Now I know I’m not Japanese but isn’t calling someone using their first name on their first encounter is kinda rude?

Why indeed..

Meanwhile, Hayate and the others are still trying to figure out a way to open the barrier somehow. This makes me remember the first time Hayate went to Violet mansion and sensing some strange ‘aura’ which later he thought was from the cats whom lives in the house, but no matter how you look at it its strange to say that our butler’s sense would react to something as simple as cat. Of course if you include the comedy part of the series that would be possible, but seeing his reaction when sensing it i have a guess that the so called ‘aura’ that he sensed was from whatever is inside this barrier. So let’s get back to discussing how we could diminish it.

We’ll take the E level quest..

Considering that Alice (A-tan) specialize in combat and not purification, she can’t open up the barrier. Luckily they know a person who possess such power, and said person suddenly came through the window while doing a barrel roll.. Isumi, upon arriving at the scene. March right to the problem at hand, although before that she let slip that Alice is Athena which surprises Yozora who eavesdrop through her ‘dog’ like thing. My guess is that she still after the photo of the 28th but who knows?

Anyway, after Isumi remove the barrier the ghost priest went through the wall first and Tama found a revolving door. Suddenly, the ghost priest returns and looking rather pale for his kind. Hayate, curious by his expression. Went in and found something that should’ve been sealed away in the Royal Garden.

The coffin of King Midas (Man, that’s cool)

How it got there is still a mystery. However, judging from the time Yukariko got the house and End of The World arc. It’s highly inaccurate that the previous owners of the house who did this.

And that’s the end of that! How is it? Now it has a review in it ๐Ÿ˜› Anyway, I’m currently updating this from my netbook at school so i have so much time to write (type?) right now. Expect the next chapter soon ๐Ÿ˜‰


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