Hayate no gotoku chapter 369: The missing piece

Hayate’s first encounter with the coffin

Second post for today! While waiting for my daily pray i typed this in my class with my friend beside me leeching away my anime collections from my external hard-drive, but that’s what friends are for right? … right?

Anyway, here’s the review for chapter 369. After finding the coffin, questions sprang up to Hayate’s mind and also mine. For me it would be the basic ‘What, who, why, where, and how’ kinda questions. Such as ‘What’s it doing here?’ ‘Who moved it?’ ‘Why did they put it in this mansion?’ stuffs like that.

So, the priest suggest that they open to check what’s inside. Although since it’s a coffin so the options won’t be that much. Still, if it does contain a corpse then like Alice-chan said, it’s a matter for the police not them. If it contain some magical things though, that would be a different story. Hayate tried to open the coffin but remembered Athena’s warning about doing so and hesitated. Well, given the whole King Midas thing at athena i can understand his decision to just leave it alone. However, Isumi convince Hayate to do it since if they don’t then the truth about the secret room won’t be revealed. And so,they open the coffin..

Should’ve chosen curtain number 1..

..only to find it empty, except for a ripped out picture who looks strangely familiar to the other one Chiharu found inside a book whom Isumi picked. Suddenly, a voice tells them to stop doing these kind of things which surprisingly (not) belong to our eavesdropper Houzen Yozora. Hence, a battle ensues between Isumi and Houzen about what even i don’t know. Isumi got beaten and then Houzen said something about the coffin keeping something important so she prefer it to be undisturbed.

Now we know that the only thing it contains is a picture piece and if what she meant is that then why do she prefer it to be undiscovered? Considering she fought Hayate to get the other picture from his hands it just doesn’t make sense that she didn’t try to take it long before they found the secret room. Back to the story, after throwing some kind of jewel that started a fire and burns the coffin, Houzen prepares to leave only to find Isumi covered in white flames who’s ready to go for another round (that came out wrong..)

Epic battle pose.

And the second post’s done! The third on is now being written as we speak. I hope these will make up for the lost time, i intend to catch up to the current chapter by the end of the day so please leave a comment so i can make them much more to your liking. Have a happy weekend! ;D


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