Hayate no Gotoku chapter 370: Himegami

Volume 32 is out already? Damn i need to go to the bookstore..

And so the fight continues with Isumi showing an upper hand against Yozora. Seeing this she resorted into taking the young Alice hostage, thankfully the ever-so-faithful butler is there to help. This strikes me odd though, according to the previous chapters it was shown that Yozora has been eavesdropping over their conversation, and thus makes her know that Alice is basically Athena. Now wouldn’t she consider taking hostage of someone who has great powers to be risky? Or is the fact that Alice didn’t have the same power somehow leaked? Anyway, thanks to Hayate’s quick action the plan failed.

Can someone gave that girl a sandwich?

On an unrelated topic. I can’t help but notice how Hata’s art quality has dropped recently. Don’t get me wrong, i still love it. But for me his art qualities are so much better on volume 8 – 10. In there the head sizes are proportional, now though it seems like Hayate got more hair than a face on his head..

Pay no attention to the horrible arrow thingy..

See what i mean? Actually i started noticing this when i decided to re-read the whole Hayate no Gotoku for old time’s sake. Anyway it’s probably just me, not that it affects the story of course. Oh right, the story itself is actually improving. Even though it’s gone slightly darker but Hata still managed to put in some ‘slice of life’ in it. For example, i love the chapter where Hata describes everybody’s daily routine. Starting with Hinagiku’s jogging exercise and ends with Hayate only getting one hour of sleep everyday (which is BAD for you, seriously don’t do this). Now i’m just rambling, let’s get back to the story..


After realizing that she’s on two-against-one disadvantage. Yozora decided to postpone the battle and ran away by jumping through the window (by doing a barrel roll i might add) After that, Isumi decided to stay at the mansion to investigate further. Now, counting Isumi (and excluding Alice since she’s just a kid) then it’s a total of 9 women living with Hayate under the same roof. The reason is probably to make more awkward-situation comedies such as seeing them naked when taking a bath and etc etc. Since the room is full, Isumi said she has no problem staying in the coffin room. That only leaves the ghost priest and Tama who still haven’t found a place for themselves.

Omg guys! You act like i even care!

Now as they say ‘the more the merrier’, with the mansion’s condition as of now. We can safely assume that Nagi’s income is coming steadily. Meanwhile, Isumi went to Sakuya’s house for god knows why. If it’s just to take a bath then i don’t think she can last one day at the mansion. Well, her only objective is just to protect the power inside the mansion though so i guess it’s only normal if she rarely stays there since she already puts up a barrier around the mansion.

And it’s Eco-friendly too

Back to the topic, with the picture now in her possession Isumi asked Sakuya if she knows anything about the boy in it and finding out that he’s actually Himegami. Judging from Isumi’s reaction, she might knows things about the 28th which if I’m right is a group that consist of Mikado, Athena, and Himegami whom their sole purpose is to get the power of the god. So far i only figured out Mikado’s reason which is probably to bring back Yukariko like Nagi said, and i quote:

Nagi: “I.. always thought there’s nothing money can’t buy. But now i know, that no mater how much money i had my mom won’t come back. [scene changes to Mikado looking at  a painting of Yukariko while clutching a king’s jewel] There’s probably, still someone who doesn’t know that yet..”

The banana-lover childhood

There’s not much i can comment except for the obvious skin color difference between the picture and his anime version. Then again, the 1st season is a spin-off series with no relation whatsoever to the manga so he might look different in here (without the mask and the red hair).

And there you have it, three reviews in one day. I only got one more chapter left but i’ll save it for tomorrow. Don’t forget to leave a comment. Constructive criticisms are also welcomed 🙂


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