Hayate no Gotoku chapter 371: The king’s jewel and Ruka’s feelings


Finally i managed to catch up. Although you guys still won’t leave a comment for me (makes me sad) the review must be written!

So now, after cleaning up the room until it’s decent enough for a person to live in it. It’s kinda weird that the whole coffin managed to be burned away without leaving a single trace, it’s either because the fire is special, or Hata is just too lazy to draw the remains. The floor did got a little charred, fortunately the drawing on it is still noticeable. Said drawing contains 12 symbols which Hayate recognizes a few of them to be the symbol on a king’s jewel, which logically means there are supposed to be 12 of them that exist.

He only knows 7 though..

Let’s count those who owned it so far:

  • Hayate (Destroyed by Nagi)
  • Mikado
  • Wataru (Formerly owned by Mikoto)
  • Aika
  • Yukariko (Current location is unknown)

And those are all i know so far, if i missed anyone please let me know. Back to the mansion, Isumi says that the reason for the coffin being here is to seal something away. Something that is so powerful that they can’t afford it to fall to the wrong hands. And because the power is gone, the previous owner of the mansion decided to give it to Yukariko.

Now i once mentioned in my previous post that there’s a very low possibility that the coffin was moved the time Yukariko was given the mansion and before that due to Hayate finding it when he went to Royal Garden. However, it was stated that the coffin was already there when the previous owners live in it. This of course raise many questions, but sadly it has to wait until Hata explained it all.

Meanwhile, Chiharu who realized that the mansion is getting crowded, decided to have a welcome party for the new residents. The said woman suggest to throw a barbecue party but unfortunately our Ojou-sama didn’t have the luxury to do just that.

Welcome to the real world

The above panel surprised me quite a bit. It’s kinda weird but also somewhat refreshing to see that now Nagi realize how her life condition has changed and managed to adapt to it quite fast. I mean, being pampered for 13 years ever since you were born usually makes you act spoiled but it turns out i was wrong, i guess having people like Hayate and Maria close to you makes you wanna try to be more independent for them.

Back to the party stuff, since barbecue is a no that means they have to think of something else. Nagi suggested they have a curry party which got a tongue-clicking from Chiharu as an answer. Fortunately, she has the answer to all the difficult problems she got.

When in trouble, tell someone to solves it

And so our butler marched to the store for ingredients accompanied by Chiharu. In there Chiharu realizes how much Hayate thinks about anyone he helped and what their likes and favorites are. Funny thing is, when Chiharu refer to him as the ‘popular type’ he denies it by stating that it’s not possible because Hinagiku hates him. This of course raise suspicion, it’s either that he subconsciously use it as his answer, or because he values the student council president’s opinion so much.

Back to the mansion, Ruka is having a trouble which i guess is from the manga she makes and instantly looks for Hayate for help. This becomes a more amusing sight to see because of Chiharu saying “Having someone who always casually treating you kindly. Especialy when you’re in a bind.” and followed by Ayumu’s though that ‘When people are in a bind, they rely on someone and will say they love them’ just makes Ruka more kawaii~

Ayumu on the other hand, has become more and more… kinda annoying. I mean she’s trying to make Ruka’s feeling for Hayate disappear by pretending to help her, even for me that’s low. Well the worst thing you can ever do is trying to solve someone’s problems when you don’t know anything about them..

Call an ambulance, my heart melted!

And that’s pretty much what i can review, also the fact that now Ruka is on the same level as Hinagiku and Athena in my “Hayate’s possible pairing”. I highly doubt the confession would work though, since this was intended to be a harem or maybe Hata finally decided to make this into a romance – drama. Either way I’m still rooting for Ruka, and if Hayate does reject her then I’m gonna have to take a flight to Japan and snap Hata out of it. As always, comments and critiques are welcomed ^_^


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