Hayate no Gotoku chapter 372: The problem with relationship

Aaand now we can see how Ayumu reacts, and it’s not pretty. As i said before, playing the wise man (or in this case, woman) is a bad idea when you’re not prepared for the situation. In this case, Ayumu’s unpreparedness becomes a fatal mistake.

Sadly, all Ruka and Hayate ever wanted was to have a life like you

Ayumu kept falling lower and lower to my liking. She’s so much different when dealing with Ruka compared to Hinagiku. Sure Ruka’s an idol but didn’t she say so herself that Hina is just the type that Hayate looks for in a woman, yet she decided to help her but when it comes to Ruka she suddenly becomes a selfish bast*rd. Well, seeing from her point of view it’s logical to be jealous when someone else falls in love to your crush but what she thought was just mean.

Throw in an incest older sister and a yandere and you’ll have a full set

Looking from my experience it’s safe to say that all the harem protagonists are normal eventhough they often considered not because the way they treat the ladies. Then again, that’s probably why they’re the protagonist. Ruka, after analyzing Ayumu’s logic and finding it to be quite true starting to have a doubt about her confession. But the Suirenjis didn’t raise no quitters any quitters. So instead of the plain ‘I love you, would you go out with me’ crap she decided to take one step further.

You go girl!

Truthfully, I’m getting excited at the thought of Ruka and Hayate kissing. Although i hope Hata would make it more sensual since now Hayate is a teenager. And with Ruka having no childhood with Hayate, Hata can’t use the weird turn-them-into-a-kid censor like the one he did to Athena and Hayate.

Anyway, Ayumu rejects the idea immediately by saying that such thing would just asking for trouble. Considering the situation that answer would seem more likely to happen seeing Hayate’s personalitiy. Not long after that the said butler just got back home from his grocery shopping with Chiharu. The Aizawa maid went to the kitchen to put the ingredients and using this chance Ruka asked Hayate about what he would do if a girl confessed to him. Realizing it to be the same question Chiharu just asked him a few moments ago, the indebted butler replied with some very poor choice of words..

Misunderstandings. Misunderstandings everywhere..

This of course brings surprises to both Ayumu and Ruka considering that Chiharu rarely shows any signs of affection towards Hayate. Ruka decided to press the issue which Hayate replied that it would be ridiculous for anyone to fall for him. Now most of us would see this an act of modesty, but if we take a closer look it would make sense that he would be hard to get a girl considering he doesn’t have a proper job and income, also the lack of a place to live and his promise to stay with Nagi forever surely is a huge obstacle for him to be in a relationship. Then again, i guess being nice can get you anywhere. Even into an idol’s heart.

The said idol and a certain hamster started to feel sympathy to the Hakuo secretary. And this misunderstanding is so bad even Hata put in a warning for us to “Always check the source!”. Beside this, Ruka also realized that Hayate right now has too much things on his hands to worry about something like a relationship and decided to postpone the matter until better time. The good news is that the party finally starts and it’s time to gobble up some meat!~

Because meat is awesome


One thought on “Hayate no Gotoku chapter 372: The problem with relationship

  1. It seems Ayumu press self-destruction button. She ‘s one of my fav character but I’ll rethink about that since she started stop Ruka from confession but Ayumu don’t think about raising her own relationship with hayate.

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