Hayate no gotoku Chapter 373: Season 3 starts in October!

Season 3 starts in October!

Finally Hata decided when the season 3 will start. As i posted before, this so called new season won’t continue the story from season 2 which means that it either becomes it’s own story (like season 1) or that Hata decided to jump a few chapters ahead considering that the latest chapter that’s been ‘anime-fied’ is the one about Sakuya’s birthday, and if i’m right it should be still around volume 13 or something.
The reason i said that it might be a chapter jump story is because that in one of his author notes he said that he would put ‘The end of The World’ arc and we all know that it’s still 5 volumes away (or about 85 chapters, give or take) while anime usually only has between 13 episodes, 26, or if they’re lucky 52 episodes. 1 episode usually contains a story that took up about 2-3 chapters (adding the to-be-continued possibility) also Hata tends to add an extra stories that has no affiliation whatsoever with the manga like episode 25 of season 2 so skipping a few chapter seems to be a possibility to me.

But enough with the anime chit-chats, on with the review!

Of course you’re not

After being cooped up in the mansion for too long, Hata decided to visit Hakuo for a short break. The chapter centers on Risa’s birthday which happened two days ago and she isn’t too pleased with how Hayate treated her. Then again, she tends to give him a bad time, like that one time with the giant crocodile in the underground dungeon (i know, it sounds weird). Then again, i always thought of Hayate as the kind of guy who always treat girls nicely no matter how much hardships he had to go through, like Kodaka Hasegawa for example.

Number of f*cks given: 0

This of course brings Risa to rage mode seeing that the so called kind butler treats her very differently compared to Hinagiku and Izumi. Speaking of the latter, for some reason i can’t never see a romantic relationship between Hayate and Izumi. Of course there’re also others beside Izumi whom i found to be unrelationshipable with Hayate, but Hata seems to be throwing several innuendos about this pairing and i know some people who ships it. But all i can see between them is a best-friend-who-helps-when-in-trouble kind of relationship.

Still, why does Hayate being…what’s the word…picky?

Way to comfort your friend..

Putting aside the 4th-wall breaking aside, Risa does seems like the kind of girl that guys won’t chase. Well, when students have problems it’s a student president duty to help them. Risa calls Hina only to receive a short lecture and a beeping sound in return. Determined, she decided to call the most possible girl Hayate founds to be popular, which is his Ojou-sama.

Especially Hideyoshi… Oh wait, she’s a he..

Learning something utterly important for her as a female character Risa decided to prove this theory. The reason for blushing for the most part is embarrassment and the other is fever. Since of course she can’t make anyone sick she decided on the former options and ask the ever-so-dense butler for a suggestion.

I did this once

The example, although it’s embarrassing, was denied and Risa chose to lift Izumi’s skirt instead. To make the blushing even stronger she suggested Hayate to do it for the embarrassment point. Izumi, can’t stand the thought of Hayate lifting her skirt, decided to do it on her own.

Classic hentai beginning?

NOW i see why you guys like her so much. The blushing worked all right, now she’s on top of Ayumu in my favorite HNG girls list. Anyway, after that Yukiji entered the room to begin the test in which the baka trio forgot to study for. I guess this chapter is just a filler since we’ve been given serious chapters lately. See you next post ^^