About me

Who is BadLuckExpert?

I got that name at the same time i started liking anime. Actually, i’m not that huge of an anime fan. But since i watch a series called ‘Hayate no Gotoku’, I’ve been woken up to the fact that there’s a whole new world besides cartoon in it. So by that of course my favorite character is Hayate Ayasaki from the said series, and since he’s one ball of misfortune in a shape of man, i decided to take that for my nickname and voila! There it is.

On another note, my real name is Ibnoe Rafeylito. Male. I was born on 20th march 1996. And i live in Indonesia (for now, I’m aiming for New york).

Now you just made me blushWhat’s this blog is gonna be about?

Well for starters, this blog will solely be about discussing anime and manga that i read/watch. The reason i started this blog is because Leap-san’s blog reviews about Medaka box is really great, so I say to myself “Why not make it too?” and I still try to make it so i can catch up to his and randomc-san’s level.

Anyway, that’s about all i could tell you. I hope you’ll guide me to be a better reviewers šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Now I feel bad for discontinuing Medaka Box from my posts ^_^

    Welcome to the ani-blogosphere! Looking forward to read more from you BadLuckExpert. Hope you enjoy writing it up as much as I have šŸ˜€

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