A first look at Medaka box

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Third post and yet I still have so much to share. I know that I’m already 11 episodes too late to review or talk about it, but better late than never right? So here we have the OP which is titled Happy Crazy Boxby Kuribayashi Minami. Personally i think the song title matches the anime itself, since it’s about a suggestion box and an insanely inhuman student council president. Anyway, that’s just me. Personally i think Gainax always goes for these kinds of anime, considering Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann also about some robot battles with occasional yet strong fanservice.

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So we start by Medaka giving her infamous speech about the center of this story, namely the suggestion box. It’s been said that the reason she won 98% votes from the school is mainly because of the said box. Anyhow, besides Medaka there’s also her childhood friend named Hitoyoshi Zenkichi with his friend Shiranui Hansode. Apparently, Zenkichi has had enough helping Medaka since they were little. Which makes him refuse it on the spot when Shiranui asked him if he wants to join the student council. But apparently, Medaka had a different idea..

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Turns out Medaka just want a company from Zenkichi, and seeing her face, how can he says no? Anyway, the suggestion box apparently already had a suggestion coming in. The request asks them to clear out some delinquents at the kendo dojo, and it’s from an anonymous source. Well, that won’t stop our lovely president won’t it? And so she goes!

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Here’s the funny thing, this Moji fellow actually looks like Kamina! Not only that, he also uses the same weapon as Kamina, and even has the same seiyuu! Well played Gainax, well played… Back to the story, after Medaka-chan beat some senses onto them. She started to clean the dojo so that people would start using it again. Not only that, the people who uses it are Kamina Moji and his group. I guess all’s well that ends well. Unfortunately, on his way home Zenkichi’s been attacked by some mysterious fellow who’s actually Hyuga! Zenkichi’s classmate and also the one who put the request in the suggestion box.

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Things escalated, but in the end Medaka manages to subdue Hyuga, thanks to Shiranui’s request. Shiranui is a strange fellow, she’s the kind of person that always jokes around but actually has a dark personality, eventhough around Zenkichi she decides to be the former i guess she’s just the ‘go-with-the-flow’ kind of girl. I like her though, she’s a great supporting character for both Medaka and Zenkichi, and Kato emiri’s voice just makes her more adorable ❤ Anyway, in the end, after hearing Medaka’s dreams about fulfilling the school with flower, Zenkichi decided to join the student council albeit from the lowest positions, but Medaka cheers him up on reaching for the top. Well, the ED (Ohanabatake ni Tsuretette) this time only serves as an insert song, so no ED sequence yet! So i guess this episode is great for the debut ones, the art is clean, and the seiyuus managed to capture their own personality perfectly. I honestly have high hopes for this anime, i hope it will be a huge successs 🙂

Next episode

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Next we’ll have a case of blackmailing and a missing dog who evolves into a demon wolf, and poor Zenkichi must capture it because Medaka has err… ‘Issues’ with animals. Will he succeed? Stay tuned!