Hayate no gotoku Chapter 373: Season 3 starts in October!

Season 3 starts in October!

Finally Hata decided when the season 3 will start. As i posted before, this so called new season won’t continue the story from season 2 which means that it either becomes it’s own story (like season 1) or that Hata decided to jump a few chapters ahead considering that the latest chapter that’s been ‘anime-fied’ is the one about Sakuya’s birthday, and if i’m right it should be still around volume 13 or something.
The reason i said that it might be a chapter jump story is because that in one of his author notes he said that he would put ‘The end of The World’ arc and we all know that it’s still 5 volumes away (or about 85 chapters, give or take) while anime usually only has between 13 episodes, 26, or if they’re lucky 52 episodes. 1 episode usually contains a story that took up about 2-3 chapters (adding the to-be-continued possibility) also Hata tends to add an extra stories that has no affiliation whatsoever with the manga like episode 25 of season 2 so skipping a few chapter seems to be a possibility to me.

But enough with the anime chit-chats, on with the review!

Of course you’re not

After being cooped up in the mansion for too long, Hata decided to visit Hakuo for a short break. The chapter centers on Risa’s birthday which happened two days ago and she isn’t too pleased with how Hayate treated her. Then again, she tends to give him a bad time, like that one time with the giant crocodile in the underground dungeon (i know, it sounds weird). Then again, i always thought of Hayate as the kind of guy who always treat girls nicely no matter how much hardships he had to go through, like Kodaka Hasegawa for example.

Number of f*cks given: 0

This of course brings Risa to rage mode seeing that the so called kind butler treats her very differently compared to Hinagiku and Izumi. Speaking of the latter, for some reason i can’t never see a romantic relationship between Hayate and Izumi. Of course there’re also others beside Izumi whom i found to be unrelationshipable with Hayate, but Hata seems to be throwing several innuendos about this pairing and i know some people who ships it. But all i can see between them is a best-friend-who-helps-when-in-trouble kind of relationship.

Still, why does Hayate being…what’s the word…picky?

Way to comfort your friend..

Putting aside the 4th-wall breaking aside, Risa does seems like the kind of girl that guys won’t chase. Well, when students have problems it’s a student president duty to help them. Risa calls Hina only to receive a short lecture and a beeping sound in return. Determined, she decided to call the most possible girl Hayate founds to be popular, which is his Ojou-sama.

Especially Hideyoshi… Oh wait, she’s a he..

Learning something utterly important for her as a female character Risa decided to prove this theory. The reason for blushing for the most part is embarrassment and the other is fever. Since of course she can’t make anyone sick she decided on the former options and ask the ever-so-dense butler for a suggestion.

I did this once

The example, although it’s embarrassing, was denied and Risa chose to lift Izumi’s skirt instead. To make the blushing even stronger she suggested Hayate to do it for the embarrassment point. Izumi, can’t stand the thought of Hayate lifting her skirt, decided to do it on her own.

Classic hentai beginning?

NOW i see why you guys like her so much. The blushing worked all right, now she’s on top of Ayumu in my favorite HNG girls list. Anyway, after that Yukiji entered the room to begin the test in which the baka trio forgot to study for. I guess this chapter is just a filler since we’ve been given serious chapters lately. See you next post ^^


Hayate no Gotoku chapter 372: The problem with relationship

Aaand now we can see how Ayumu reacts, and it’s not pretty. As i said before, playing the wise man (or in this case, woman) is a bad idea when you’re not prepared for the situation. In this case, Ayumu’s unpreparedness becomes a fatal mistake.

Sadly, all Ruka and Hayate ever wanted was to have a life like you

Ayumu kept falling lower and lower to my liking. She’s so much different when dealing with Ruka compared to Hinagiku. Sure Ruka’s an idol but didn’t she say so herself that Hina is just the type that Hayate looks for in a woman, yet she decided to help her but when it comes to Ruka she suddenly becomes a selfish bast*rd. Well, seeing from her point of view it’s logical to be jealous when someone else falls in love to your crush but what she thought was just mean.

Throw in an incest older sister and a yandere and you’ll have a full set

Looking from my experience it’s safe to say that all the harem protagonists are normal eventhough they often considered not because the way they treat the ladies. Then again, that’s probably why they’re the protagonist. Ruka, after analyzing Ayumu’s logic and finding it to be quite true starting to have a doubt about her confession. But the Suirenjis didn’t raise no quitters any quitters. So instead of the plain ‘I love you, would you go out with me’ crap she decided to take one step further.

You go girl!

Truthfully, I’m getting excited at the thought of Ruka and Hayate kissing. Although i hope Hata would make it more sensual since now Hayate is a teenager. And with Ruka having no childhood with Hayate, Hata can’t use the weird turn-them-into-a-kid censor like the one he did to Athena and Hayate.

Anyway, Ayumu rejects the idea immediately by saying that such thing would just asking for trouble. Considering the situation that answer would seem more likely to happen seeing Hayate’s personalitiy. Not long after that the said butler just got back home from his grocery shopping with Chiharu. The Aizawa maid went to the kitchen to put the ingredients and using this chance Ruka asked Hayate about what he would do if a girl confessed to him. Realizing it to be the same question Chiharu just asked him a few moments ago, the indebted butler replied with some very poor choice of words..

Misunderstandings. Misunderstandings everywhere..

This of course brings surprises to both Ayumu and Ruka considering that Chiharu rarely shows any signs of affection towards Hayate. Ruka decided to press the issue which Hayate replied that it would be ridiculous for anyone to fall for him. Now most of us would see this an act of modesty, but if we take a closer look it would make sense that he would be hard to get a girl considering he doesn’t have a proper job and income, also the lack of a place to live and his promise to stay with Nagi forever surely is a huge obstacle for him to be in a relationship. Then again, i guess being nice can get you anywhere. Even into an idol’s heart.

The said idol and a certain hamster started to feel sympathy to the Hakuo secretary. And this misunderstanding is so bad even Hata put in a warning for us to “Always check the source!”. Beside this, Ruka also realized that Hayate right now has too much things on his hands to worry about something like a relationship and decided to postpone the matter until better time. The good news is that the party finally starts and it’s time to gobble up some meat!~

Because meat is awesome

Hayate no Gotoku chapter 371: The king’s jewel and Ruka’s feelings


Finally i managed to catch up. Although you guys still won’t leave a comment for me (makes me sad) the review must be written!

So now, after cleaning up the room until it’s decent enough for a person to live in it. It’s kinda weird that the whole coffin managed to be burned away without leaving a single trace, it’s either because the fire is special, or Hata is just too lazy to draw the remains. The floor did got a little charred, fortunately the drawing on it is still noticeable. Said drawing contains 12 symbols which Hayate recognizes a few of them to be the symbol on a king’s jewel, which logically means there are supposed to be 12 of them that exist.

He only knows 7 though..

Let’s count those who owned it so far:

  • Hayate (Destroyed by Nagi)
  • Mikado
  • Wataru (Formerly owned by Mikoto)
  • Aika
  • Yukariko (Current location is unknown)

And those are all i know so far, if i missed anyone please let me know. Back to the mansion, Isumi says that the reason for the coffin being here is to seal something away. Something that is so powerful that they can’t afford it to fall to the wrong hands. And because the power is gone, the previous owner of the mansion decided to give it to Yukariko.

Now i once mentioned in my previous post that there’s a very low possibility that the coffin was moved the time Yukariko was given the mansion and before that due to Hayate finding it when he went to Royal Garden. However, it was stated that the coffin was already there when the previous owners live in it. This of course raise many questions, but sadly it has to wait until Hata explained it all.

Meanwhile, Chiharu who realized that the mansion is getting crowded, decided to have a welcome party for the new residents. The said woman suggest to throw a barbecue party but unfortunately our Ojou-sama didn’t have the luxury to do just that.

Welcome to the real world

The above panel surprised me quite a bit. It’s kinda weird but also somewhat refreshing to see that now Nagi realize how her life condition has changed and managed to adapt to it quite fast. I mean, being pampered for 13 years ever since you were born usually makes you act spoiled but it turns out i was wrong, i guess having people like Hayate and Maria close to you makes you wanna try to be more independent for them.

Back to the party stuff, since barbecue is a no that means they have to think of something else. Nagi suggested they have a curry party which got a tongue-clicking from Chiharu as an answer. Fortunately, she has the answer to all the difficult problems she got.

When in trouble, tell someone to solves it

And so our butler marched to the store for ingredients accompanied by Chiharu. In there Chiharu realizes how much Hayate thinks about anyone he helped and what their likes and favorites are. Funny thing is, when Chiharu refer to him as the ‘popular type’ he denies it by stating that it’s not possible because Hinagiku hates him. This of course raise suspicion, it’s either that he subconsciously use it as his answer, or because he values the student council president’s opinion so much.

Back to the mansion, Ruka is having a trouble which i guess is from the manga she makes and instantly looks for Hayate for help. This becomes a more amusing sight to see because of Chiharu saying “Having someone who always casually treating you kindly. Especialy when you’re in a bind.” and followed by Ayumu’s though that ‘When people are in a bind, they rely on someone and will say they love them’ just makes Ruka more kawaii~

Ayumu on the other hand, has become more and more… kinda annoying. I mean she’s trying to make Ruka’s feeling for Hayate disappear by pretending to help her, even for me that’s low. Well the worst thing you can ever do is trying to solve someone’s problems when you don’t know anything about them..

Call an ambulance, my heart melted!

And that’s pretty much what i can review, also the fact that now Ruka is on the same level as Hinagiku and Athena in my “Hayate’s possible pairing”. I highly doubt the confession would work though, since this was intended to be a harem or maybe Hata finally decided to make this into a romance – drama. Either way I’m still rooting for Ruka, and if Hayate does reject her then I’m gonna have to take a flight to Japan and snap Hata out of it. As always, comments and critiques are welcomed ^_^

Hayate no Gotoku chapter 370: Himegami

Volume 32 is out already? Damn i need to go to the bookstore..

And so the fight continues with Isumi showing an upper hand against Yozora. Seeing this she resorted into taking the young Alice hostage, thankfully the ever-so-faithful butler is there to help. This strikes me odd though, according to the previous chapters it was shown that Yozora has been eavesdropping over their conversation, and thus makes her know that Alice is basically Athena. Now wouldn’t she consider taking hostage of someone who has great powers to be risky? Or is the fact that Alice didn’t have the same power somehow leaked? Anyway, thanks to Hayate’s quick action the plan failed.

Can someone gave that girl a sandwich?

On an unrelated topic. I can’t help but notice how Hata’s art quality has dropped recently. Don’t get me wrong, i still love it. But for me his art qualities are so much better on volume 8 – 10. In there the head sizes are proportional, now though it seems like Hayate got more hair than a face on his head..

Pay no attention to the horrible arrow thingy..

See what i mean? Actually i started noticing this when i decided to re-read the whole Hayate no Gotoku for old time’s sake. Anyway it’s probably just me, not that it affects the story of course. Oh right, the story itself is actually improving. Even though it’s gone slightly darker but Hata still managed to put in some ‘slice of life’ in it. For example, i love the chapter where Hata describes everybody’s daily routine. Starting with Hinagiku’s jogging exercise and ends with Hayate only getting one hour of sleep everyday (which is BAD for you, seriously don’t do this). Now i’m just rambling, let’s get back to the story..


After realizing that she’s on two-against-one disadvantage. Yozora decided to postpone the battle and ran away by jumping through the window (by doing a barrel roll i might add) After that, Isumi decided to stay at the mansion to investigate further. Now, counting Isumi (and excluding Alice since she’s just a kid) then it’s a total of 9 women living with Hayate under the same roof. The reason is probably to make more awkward-situation comedies such as seeing them naked when taking a bath and etc etc. Since the room is full, Isumi said she has no problem staying in the coffin room. That only leaves the ghost priest and Tama who still haven’t found a place for themselves.

Omg guys! You act like i even care!

Now as they say ‘the more the merrier’, with the mansion’s condition as of now. We can safely assume that Nagi’s income is coming steadily. Meanwhile, Isumi went to Sakuya’s house for god knows why. If it’s just to take a bath then i don’t think she can last one day at the mansion. Well, her only objective is just to protect the power inside the mansion though so i guess it’s only normal if she rarely stays there since she already puts up a barrier around the mansion.

And it’s Eco-friendly too

Back to the topic, with the picture now in her possession Isumi asked Sakuya if she knows anything about the boy in it and finding out that he’s actually Himegami. Judging from Isumi’s reaction, she might knows things about the 28th which if I’m right is a group that consist of Mikado, Athena, and Himegami whom their sole purpose is to get the power of the god. So far i only figured out Mikado’s reason which is probably to bring back Yukariko like Nagi said, and i quote:

Nagi: “I.. always thought there’s nothing money can’t buy. But now i know, that no mater how much money i had my mom won’t come back. [scene changes to Mikado looking atΒ  a painting of Yukariko while clutching a king’s jewel] There’s probably, still someone who doesn’t know that yet..”

The banana-lover childhood

There’s not much i can comment except for the obvious skin color difference between the picture and his anime version. Then again, the 1st season is a spin-off series with no relation whatsoever to the manga so he might look different in here (without the mask and the red hair).

And there you have it, three reviews in one day. I only got one more chapter left but i’ll save it for tomorrow. Don’t forget to leave a comment. Constructive criticisms are also welcomed πŸ™‚

Hayate no gotoku chapter 369: The missing piece

Hayate’s first encounter with the coffin

Second post for today! While waiting for my daily pray i typed this in my class with my friend beside me leeching away my anime collections from my external hard-drive, but that’s what friends are for right? … right?

Anyway, here’s the review for chapter 369. After finding the coffin, questions sprang up to Hayate’s mind and also mine. For me it would be the basic ‘What, who, why, where, and how’ kinda questions. Such as ‘What’s it doing here?’ ‘Who moved it?’ ‘Why did they put it in this mansion?’ stuffs like that.

So, the priest suggest that they open to check what’s inside. Although since it’s a coffin so the options won’t be that much. Still, if it does contain a corpse then like Alice-chan said, it’s a matter for the police not them. If it contain some magical things though, that would be a different story. Hayate tried to open the coffin but remembered Athena’s warning about doing so and hesitated. Well, given the whole King Midas thing at athena i can understand his decision to just leave it alone. However, Isumi convince Hayate to do it since if they don’t then the truth about the secret room won’t be revealed. And so,they open the coffin..

Should’ve chosen curtain number 1..

..only to find it empty, except for a ripped out picture who looks strangely familiar to the other one Chiharu found inside a book whom Isumi picked. Suddenly, a voice tells them to stop doing these kind of things which surprisingly (not) belong to our eavesdropper Houzen Yozora. Hence, a battle ensues between Isumi and Houzen about what even i don’t know. Isumi got beaten and then Houzen said something about the coffin keeping something important so she prefer it to be undisturbed.

Now we know that the only thing it contains is a picture piece and if what she meant is that then why do she prefer it to be undiscovered? Considering she fought Hayate to get the other picture from his hands it just doesn’t make sense that she didn’t try to take it long before they found the secret room. Back to the story, after throwing some kind of jewel that started a fire and burns the coffin, Houzen prepares to leave only to find Isumi covered in white flames who’s ready to go for another round (that came out wrong..)

Epic battle pose.

And the second post’s done! The third on is now being written as we speak. I hope these will make up for the lost time, i intend to catch up to the current chapter by the end of the day so please leave a comment so i can make them much more to your liking. Have a happy weekend! ;D

Hayate no gotoku chapter 368: Season 3 news

Anyone wanna help this poor girl? i know i would

See? A quick update as i promised. Also i just realized that my last post (the Soul Eater one) didn’t have any reviews in it at all. I just simply retell the whole story in there, i feel stupid.. Anyway i won’t delete it, I’ll keep that as a reminder not to repeat the same mistake ever again.
So “What’s with the title?” you ask? Well this chapter color page also tells us about the new rumored season 3 of Hayate no gotoku. For a heads-up, this new season won’t have any connection to the previous season and it will serve as a new story (again). Well, seeing the art will probably be the same as the ones in the movie i say let’s give it a shot. Who know? maybe I’ll like it even more that the previous two.

The story starts with Ayumu finally managed to collect money to rent a room which of course makes her closer to her goal of being equal in Hayate’s eyes before the almighty student council, and now the famous and beautiful idol whom live under the same roof as he is. After that she met Ruka, who happens to ask Nagi about the bathroom and decided to make it clear where she stand to Ruka by shaking her hand and told her to refer to each other by using the first-name basis. Now I know I’m not Japanese but isn’t calling someone using their first name on their first encounter is kinda rude?

Why indeed..

Meanwhile, Hayate and the others are still trying to figure out a way to open the barrier somehow. This makes me remember the first time Hayate went to Violet mansion and sensing some strange ‘aura’ which later he thought was from the cats whom lives in the house, but no matter how you look at it its strange to say that our butler’s sense would react to something as simple as cat. Of course if you include the comedy part of the series that would be possible, but seeing his reaction when sensing it i have a guess that the so called ‘aura’ that he sensed was from whatever is inside this barrier. So let’s get back to discussing how we could diminish it.

We’ll take the E level quest..

Considering that Alice (A-tan) specialize in combat and not purification, she can’t open up the barrier. Luckily they know a person who possess such power, and said person suddenly came through the window while doing a barrel roll.. Isumi, upon arriving at the scene. March right to the problem at hand, although before that she let slip that Alice is Athena which surprises Yozora who eavesdrop through her ‘dog’ like thing. My guess is that she still after the photo of the 28th but who knows?

Anyway, after Isumi remove the barrier the ghost priest went through the wall first and Tama found a revolving door. Suddenly, the ghost priest returns and looking rather pale for his kind. Hayate, curious by his expression. Went in and found something that should’ve been sealed away in the Royal Garden.

The coffin of King Midas (Man, that’s cool)

How it got there is still a mystery. However, judging from the time Yukariko got the house and End of The World arc. It’s highly inaccurate that the previous owners of the house who did this.

And that’s the end of that! How is it? Now it has a review in it πŸ˜› Anyway, I’m currently updating this from my netbook at school so i have so much time to write (type?) right now. Expect the next chapter soon πŸ˜‰

Soul Eater chapter 100: A 100th chapter anniversary


I know, i know. I haven’t updated this blog for god knows how long. The reason being that i started to try watching new anime directly that checking the manga first, and so far i have already completed about 12 series so you guys would know how busy i am right? Also now I’m a senior high school student. which means the workload will increase even more and so the study time for me, so if the updates gets slower each time then you know what I’ll be doing at that time.

As for the review, the chapter starts with a color page (a good one i might add) which you guys can see at the top of this post. Followed by the results of favorite character poll which was won by our favorite OCD-ridden shinigami. Being his everyday Kid it’s actually makes sense that he would cry over that title because he didn’t get 8th place, although the other characters probably would disregard him for that. Anyway, if you guys wanna see the results you can just read the chapter.

So it continues with Stein and the gang surrounded by enemies on the moon. This is because the other has already retreated in order to convince the witches to help them defeat Ashura. Meanwhile at the same time. Soul, Maka, Black Star, and Tsubaki are on their way to the moon to find Chrona (also to help Stein while they’re at it). But before they can reach their destination someone attacked them using laser beams. Thankfully Black Star was able to grab and return the lasers to their owner.

And you’re okay with a guy who can turn into scythe?

He’s becoming super saiyan!

After that they finally arrived on the moon and Black Star makes his flashy entrance as always and Maka refused to go down because the enemies are too many. Instead of fighting with the rest, Maka decide to hack the other laser-shooting moons by using Soul’s black blood arm-piano. After seizing control of the few moon beams Maka went down to join the fight and saving Stein while at it.

Back at shibusen, Shinigami-sama still having his doubts about the witches on whether they’ll cooperate or not. Seconds later, something smash through the wall whom Shinigami thought are the witches that betrayed them, only to find a sneezing Excalibur. Then he said that it would’ve been very helpful if the great Excalibur would come to help them and can only fall in silence when hearing Excalibur said the same about him.

Meanwhile, Kid, although currently witch-less, is also on his way back to the moon believing that if they showed the witches that Ashura is their enemy, they’ll eventually come and help them. All the crews and passengers on the ship agreed to this except Azusa, who thinks that the witches won’t help them because of the feud between shibusen and the witches is too big to overcome. Kid denies the idea, and Azusa says that Kid doesn’t understand this because he’s too young.. But Kid still stand on his beliefs and saying that the adult’s way of destroying their own by making a hopeless thought just doesn’t suit them, which is why he’s fine being called a ‘kid’ forever.

Am i sensing an Azusa route here?

And that conclude the review. Sorry for making you guys wait but i promise I’ll update sooner. I might bring my laptop to school and finishes it there as well, so no more excuses!! See you at the next post πŸ™‚