Soul eater not! Chapter 13


I guess even girls can get stuck in that kind of situation

My first review of Soul eater not! For most of you who read this (including me) might came across this piece of work because of it’s famous counterseries which is Soul eater. Speaking of which, i just recently bought the volume 16th out of the bookstore. The main reason i like this series is because of the art. Yes, Atsushi-sensei improvement in art is very fun to look at. I fact after i finished reading it, i compared the art with the volume 2 and i gotta say the work on Soul and Black star improved a LOT. But enough talking about that, let’s back to the topic.

After making peace with Liz and Patty on the previous chapter, this time Tsugumi, Anya, and Meme-chan got lost in shibusen (understandable, since it’s a very huge building) when they explore in it. Unfortunately, two of them had a different route opininon..

I sensed trouble

Tsugumi, being the nice girl she is can only be speechless. Anya gets tired of it and finally went to the direction that Meme chose. Only this is, they end up going to the underground prison and get lost even more..

What kind of house do you live in Anya?

It turns out the room was one of Shibusen’s 8 mysteries in which a dropout student with an explosive is tortured and executed in there. Anya, being skeptic, can only laugh at the idea when suddenly they hear some weird noises, when actually it’s only Justin with his obnoxiously loud earphones.

Creepy much?

They ran and finally end up in a library where they saw wanted posters of witches. Here’s where i got curious. According to the manga, it said that Medusa only has one sister which is Arachne. If so, then how come there’s a witch with the same last name as her? Is it just a coincidence? Or that they came from different parents?

She’s not exactly resembles Medusa

Surprisingly, they met two familiar faces there. Clay and Akane. Anya asked them what are they doing  there and Akane said that they carries a job from Sid-sensei. Although it looks like he’s lying from the looks of Clay’s expression, but i’m just not sure. After that they discussed about who will Tsugumi choose as her meister, considering a weapon with two meisters has never been heard of eventough the opposite has (ex: Kid and Harvar). So i guess this chapter tells us that sooner or later, Tsugumi eventually has to choose who her meister will be. But until then, let’s just enjoy their time together while they still can.

Do i sense a shipping here?