A quick introduction

After years of debating with myself, i finally decided to make a wordpress. Even though i already had a blog (which i tend to ignore) i figured “Eh, might as well make it” so here we are. Since my life is such a boring piece of arsenal, i decided that I’ll blab about anime this time.

For those who didn’t know me, I’m quite a fan of animes. Not quite on the level of an otaku though, i just picked out on a random series i find good and watch it. If it turns out to be great, i would download the whole series and watch it till the end. And how would i know if the series is good? Well, for those of you who are otakus you might check the MAL for recommendations. However, since I’m not at that level yet. I judge the anime according to the manga. I know, i know, that’s an absurd way of judging anime but i can’t help it. I’m quite picky when it comes to these things, and I still find it hard to follow people recommendations since everyone has different tastes. However, that doesn’t mean I’m unavailable for one. So if anyone of you have a favorite anime to recommend i would highly appreciate it 🙂